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These are some ways patients come to Dr. Buzz Raymond’s dental practice:

Emergency Services

An accident, injury, swelling, or severe tooth pain may require you to need immediate dental treatment. We are able to help you with prompt attention and empathetic care. Dr. Raymond’s 30+ years of dental experience have prepared him to handle complex and emergency treatment. Please call us if you have an urgent dental situation, and we will address your needs promptly.

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation as an opportunity for you to meet Dr. Buzz Raymond, discuss your concerns, and receive his professional opinion before you make any further decisions about your dental care. Your no-fee initial consultation will take place in our conference room or in a treatment room, depending on your situation. This meeting with Dr. Raymond will last about 30 minutes. It is a great way for you to “test the waters,” see our office, and meet our team.

Comprehensive Examination

Patients wanting thorough information about a variety of dental concerns benefit most from our comprehensive examination. We prefer to take time to develop a plan that will prevent future problems. Proactive and preventive treatment can minimize surprises and unexpected expenses. In your comprehensive examination, Dr. Raymond will gather information through:
Oral history and patient background
  • This time will be spent hearing your dental story, your past experiences, your concerns, a review of your general medical health, and learning what goals are important to you.
Oral health examination
  • Examining and recording existing details about your teeth, gums, jaw joint (TMJ) muscles, and bite
  • Digital X-rays
  • Digital photographs
  • Impressions of your teeth, and measurements of your jaw and various jaw motions
Review of findings with discussion about your next steps
  • This time will be spent discussing what was found, and the options, cost and time for treatment.
In order to make sure you have a chance to be heard, we allow sufficient time, so you won’t feel rushed. Dr. Buzz Raymond believes people make their best decisions when they feel heard, have appropriate information, and have an opportunity to make informed personal choices. He encourages patients to be a partner in their treatment planning.
Regardless of which appointment type you choose, we want you to know our communication is honest and safe. A question we often ask is: “How can we be most helpful?” Dr. Buzz is happy to answer your questions, and offer his professional opinion, based on 30+ years of experience. Please call 763-525-0306 or email us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Buzz has over 30 years of experience renewing smiles through cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We are proud to serve all of our patients throughout Minneapolis and Golden Valley, MN.

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