People and Procedures

Making Healthy Choices

Katy describes both her and her children’s experience being patients of Dr. Buzz Raymond. She shared how she was encouraged to make healthy choices going forward and how Dr. Buzz’ gentle care has helped her family.

Challenges & Success

Karen had experiences at many dental offices before coming to Dr. Buzz. She had high expectations for her care and her and Dr. Buzz were able to follow her complex treatment course all the way to a succesful conclusion.

Cooperative & Compassionate Care

Dr. Buzz’s team works together to care for patients. They are carefully selected for their skills with cooperation and compassion. Karen has been to many dental offices and has even traveled from out of state to visit Dr. Buzz for her dental area.

Preparation & Communication

Dale has been a patient of Dr. Buzz Raymond for over 30 years and have also worked with Buzz in a professional capacity. When Dale gets a case, everything is done right on the front end, and appreciates the effort he puts into his dental and tooth modeling.

Longevity in Dental Work

Marilyn has been a patient of Dr. Buzz for over 12 years. She chose dental implants as an investment in her oral health. She was treated well. Ten years later, her dental implants are in great shape. She will travel from St. Cloud to Golden Valley just to see Dr. Buzz.

Oral Appliances & TMJ

Denny has been coming to Dr. Buzz for more than 30 years. He wears an oral appliance to help with tooth grinding while asleep. Dr. Buzz seems to select the best team members, and they offer grace and encouragement instead of criticism, and it is a great experience.

Art & Science of the Crown

In terms of production in dental crowns, Dale talks about how natural teeth are created, and how it is challenging to make tooth in terms of the variables involved. Dale speaks to the amazing two-way communication between his lab and Dr. Buzz’s office.

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