TMD Causes

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) can have many causes or triggers. In some cases the underlying cause is never known. TMD seems to be more prevalent among women of child-bearing age, but anyone can develop the painful condition.

A dysfunctional or unstable natural bite can be at the heart of the problem, but even a healthy natural bite can be pulled out of alignment by excessive tension in the muscles. This can be caused by any number of problems, such as poor posture or long term pain in a tooth that causes you to constantly adjust the way you chew.

Common TMD Causes

  • Chronic grinding or clenching teeth while sleeping
  • Bad bite alignment stresses on TMJ when chewing
  • Accidents involving trauma to head, neck, or jaw
  • Arthritis in patients with TM disc dislocations
  • Systemic diseases; gout, lupus, and fibromyalgia
  • Growth malformations of the face and TM joints
  • Complicated dental procedures that overstress TMJ's or muscles or teeth
  • Anesthesia intubations which overextend TMJ's

Even something as simple as a bad oral habit like pencil chewing or biting of fingernails can start the problem. Once the tension and pain begins, it can be difficult or impossible to relax the muscles on your own in a manner that will allow your bite to correct itself. The tension can radiate to other muscles and muscle groups, causing pain throughout your body and therefore even more tension in your jaw muscles. It becomes a vicious cycle that worsens with time. That is where TMD Treatment comes in.

TMD treatment starts out by relaxing your jaw muscles and maintaining the correct bite with a bite guard or bite splint. A splint is an orthopedic appliance, which may reposition the ball (condyle) of the lower jaw to a healthier position, allowing the disc area to heal and muscles to relax. Once your correct bite is established, we can further explore the underlying cause(s) and plan long term solutions. You can learn more by reading our TMD treatment page.

If you are living with the symptoms of TMD do not wait any longer to get help for this painful and debilitating condition. Please contact us today to schedule your comprehensive examination or your free initial consultation. Our office is conveniently located in Golden Valley, MN near Minneapolis/St. Paul. Dr. Buzz has over 30 years experience and has received special training for jaw/joint disorders.

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