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Dr. Buzz made a difference in my life when I had TMJ surgery and he fitted me with an appliance to keep my teeth from grinding. I have been wearing that every night since 1983. It has improved the quality of my life.


What I have enjoyed most about Dr. Buzz is his sense of professionalism and perfectionism. He is practical and has that nice undercurrent of humor that takes us all through so much. People don't understand why I have come from several states away. I have the best dentist in the world.


I travel a little distance, about 60-65 miles, and I get grief in my hometown. People say, well you pass an awful lot of dentists between here and there, but I come for the same reason of perfection. But I also appreciate that you tell me what you're doing. I appreciate that because I can't see what's happening. These people are professionals, they treat me in a professional manner and I appreciate that.


The thing that allows me to keep coming back here, is the respect that I have that is given to me by Dr. Raymond, in acknowledging what my thoughts are and being willing to negotiate. There is that mutual respect that is there that lets me come back. I am comfortable here. I know what to expect and it has been a good thing.


When we first met, I was in pain. I was an ordinary subscriber to a very ordinary dental practice. When I saw you, you had a vision, we came up with a plan executed in stages, an ideal of health, and the details of the engineering are intuitive genius. I see a devotion to craft, attention to detail, perfectionism, and thoroughness of service.


This staff is so professional and so warm and caring. I love Dr. Raymond because he's not only a great dentist but I also think he is a great artist. Your work is perfection. It's never just good enough. I have heard him say, "Well, it's not perfect, but I guess I can live with excellent".


Before I met Buzz, I had a lot of trauma to my front teeth and he completely reworked them all. I love coming into the office and him saying "what a beautiful smile, I love seeing it". I have a beautiful smile, thanks to Buzz.


At a recent event, people mentioned to me "You're so photogenic". I had never heard that before. I just couldn't believe it! I think it was because I am really comfortable with my smile. And I wasn't comfortable showing my teeth and having a big smile before, but thanks to all the hard work (I felt like I lived here for awhile!) and many hours, I look at these people as my friends. They are just very special.

Skip & Mary Beth

After a while, you start to see what Buzz is doing really does work. He's consistently solving problems. They are good solutions and they work. That's why I keep coming back, because I just see consistent solutions to my problems, every time.


What you come to learn is Buzz is a pro. He surrounds himself with pros; the pros come to him. After it's over, it's virtually perfect, because he doesn't stop right at the point in time where he goes 'yeah you're right, that's good enough'.

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