Gum Recontouring

The appearance of your gums can have profound impact on the beauty of your smile.  In fact, gum problems can give the illusion of dental problems that you do not have.  Dr. Raymond can work with you to explore the benefits of a gum recontouring procedure. While Dr. Raymond does not perform the gum recountoruring himself, he works closely with a specialist to ensure your needs are met.

Philosophy of Working with Specialists

Dr. Buzz Raymond continually wants what is best for you.  If there is a health professional (specialist) that has more knowledge or expertise for treating his patient, then he will refer you to that specialist, in order for you to receive the best and most appropriate care.  We want you to have a good understanding of “why” the referral was made, “what” will be done, “how” it will be done, and “who” will do that particular procedure.  When a referral is made by Dr. Buzz, he will continue to act as the coordinator and “quarterback,” to maintain his trusted patient relationship.

What is gum recontouring?

Gum recontouring is reshaping of the gums, typically removing excess gum tissue.  In some cases a gum graft is performed to fill in areas where more gum is needed.  The procedure can:
  • Retract the gum line, making the tooth look more normal size and not so short, and also can be easier to clean.
  • Extend the gum line to cover exposed roots and mask teeth that appear too long.
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Correct an uneven gum line, so the teeth appear straighter and more aligned.
Problems with your gum line may be masking other dental problems.  For example, receding gums start to expose the tooth roots, which creates an aging appearance and an uneven look to your smile. This is a real problem which needs to be addressed before the teeth become overly hypersensitive or become loose. Examples of dental problems that fool the eye are too much gum tissue giving the impression that the teeth are too short; and an uneven gum line making the teeth look unevenly sized.

Choosing Gum Recontouring

You and Dr. Raymond will work closely in making all of your cosmetic dentistry decisions and creating a plan for your dental care.  When gum line problems are the real cause of apparent flaws in your smile, gum recontouring can also enable you to avoid invasive and unnecessary dental work. Correcting a flawed gum line is an important part of revealing the underlying natural beauty of your smile. Reducing a puffy gum line can also bring you greater comfort and eliminate redness. For some people, gum recontouring is so effective that other cosmetic procedures are not needed.

Dr. Raymond serves the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and will collaborate with you to find out what steps are best for your individual situation.  Please call or email our office today to learn more.

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