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What is full mouth restoration?

A full mouth restoration addresses all your dental needs in a comprehensive series of treatments. It addresses both dental health problems and cosmetic dental problems. It may include reshaping many teeth, correcting misalignment, restoring worn or missing teeth, and replacing old fillings and crowns.

How do I know if I am a candidate for full mouth restoration?

If you have had previous dental treatment on most teeth or if you have dental damage caused by an accident, injury, or extreme wear, you might need full mouth restoration. Some people need it after severe gum disease which has required tooth extraction. Some people have congenital defects which need more comprehensive work.

Is there an advantage to a full mouth restoration over just having separate treatments?

Treating dental problems one tooth at a time can create extra work and expense. If you have several problems in the same area, Dr. Raymond can do them more efficiently in one procedure than in several, and needs to use less anesthesia. It will save time and money for you.

By looking ahead and making a plan, each procedure can be done in the best sequence so that each compliments the other and minimizes dental stress for you. You do not have to have all the treatments at once. The timeframe and budget are things to discuss with Dr. Raymond before any work is started.

How long will the results last?

Because Dr. Raymond starts by indentifying patterns and underlying dental problems, full mouth restoration will be very long-lasting. The health and foundation will be solid, supporting beautiful cosmetic dentistry. Assuming that you practice good daily hygiene and come for regular check-ups and professional cleaning, and barring any unforeseen accident, the dental restorations should last for decades.

I'm not sure about having so much dental work. What are my options?

We understand that many factors will influence your decisions about dental care, and we will help you design a plan that is appropriate for you. We often can phase treatments so that they fit a patient's lifestyle, budget, and comfort level.

If you have been avoiding full mouth restoration because of fear of dentistry, you can rest assured that you will have total control of the process. By staying in good communication with Dr. Raymond, you will know what needs to be done and in what sequence, and you and he can decide together on the timing.

If you have extensive dental problems, full mouth restoration may be the solution for you. Please contact us today so we can schedule your comprehensive examination or your free initial consultation with Dr. Raymond in the Minneapolis and Golden Valley, Minnesota area.

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