Dr. Raymond’s Treatment Philosophy

Our mission is to help people get healthier by giving them individualized attention, sensitive and empathetic listening, and high quality dentistry. Our team is friendly, hard working, and a group of caring individuals who are dedicated to improving your health and encouraging excellent and appropriate health choices. We believe that people appreciate being listened to, being treated with sensitivity, caring, and respect, and having a trusting relationship with their dentist. In order to honor your uniqueness as an individual, we practice encouragement and optimism and saying “you could”, rather than lecturing or saying “you should”.

We Listen

Listening means we need time to listen and truly hear, and we need time to ask questions and for you to be able to ask us questions. We want you to feel heard and to make informed decisions.

We Learn: Together

We want to learn about your dental past, your present concerns, and your future goals. Learning about you, while you are also learning about us, is a core value of our practice. By learning and working together, we create partnerships that result in positive outcomes for our patients.

We Plan: What is Best and Most Appropriate for You

We want you to understand what your options are, sort through appropriate solutions, and determine what works best for you.
Components of our dental planning strategy:
  • Comfort: “It doesn’t hurt, and these feel like what I was born with.”
  • Aesthetics: “Natural, beautiful and life-like restorations”
  • Reliable: “Dental work that is durable, functional and long-lasting”
  • Excellent Ongoing Care: “Life choices that can positively impact your overall health now and in the future”

We Become Healthier: With Mutual Respect and Trust

We want you to feel that we are both with you and for you, as your health improves. We believe mutual kindness, respect, and trust are earned at each and every appointment. At our office, we will never try to “sell” you dentistry. We believe in trust and respect and quality for every patient.

The best value in dentistry:

High value is very important to patients and also to Dr. Buzz Raymond. Generally speaking, the least expensive dentistry is dental work that is exceedingly comfortable, natural, and long lasting. The adage “you get what you pay for” can be remarkably true with dentistry. High quality dental work, at a fair fee, is our strength. Dr. Buzz and his team are located in Golden Valley, MN and serve patients in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We enjoy helping our patients meet their goals, and whether you want to come in for a no-fee consultation, or schedule a comprehensive examination, we hope you will come in to meet us. Call or email our practice today! For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office.

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Valley Square Office Center
7575 Golden Valley Rd – STE 240
Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427


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