Dental Anxiety Questions

How do you work with patients who are afraid?

We start by building trust with each patient. We have found the biggest key in helping anxious people is allowing them to maintain a strong sense of control. We work very closely with our patients to make sure they experience the level of individualized attention that they need. Communication puts you in control of your care. Skilled numbing techniques are also very important. Dr. Buzz Raymond is a pro at getting teeth extremely numb in a very painless way.

Dr. Raymond will visit with you in the comfort of his office learning about you and all your concerns

I want to have my dental problems corrected, but how do I know my dentistry will look good?

One reason you might see unattractive cosmetic dentistry more often than successful cosmetic dentistry is that beautiful dentistry is not visible to the naked eye. Beautiful dentistry deceives the eye so that it cannot be distinguished from teeth that have not had dental work. It just looks like a naturally beautiful smile, and you would not know the person had been to a dentist.

Done by a properly-trained and experienced dentist, cosmetic dentistry can match the beauty of natural teeth and enhance your entire face without drawing attention to itself.

I don't feel I have the time or money to get cosmetic dental work done. Yet I want healthy, beautiful teeth and long-lasting results. What can I do?

Good dentistry is not cheap. But, average or poor dentistry is very expensive, because it will need to be re-done. Excellent dental work can usually be done in steps that fit into your budget.

Dr. Raymond believes that it is better to go methodically and precisely and end up with a predictable outcome rather than to cut costs, speed through the procedure, and regret it later. Too many people have come to him after making that costly mistake at another office. You can have quality restorative work as opposed to quickie repairs – and your investment in the attractive and solid restorations will pay dividends now and in the future.

If your teeth are properly maintained, you will likely not need any corrective procedures later on – barring, of course, any possible trauma or accident. Please see our Insurance and Payment page for more information if you are uncertain about affordability options.

I keep having more dental problems and do not want to end up toothless with dentures. Can you suggest a way out of this?

Yes. You need to end that cycle of reactive care and see a dentist who works proactively with and for you. Do not wait until dental problems appear before going for a check-up.

Most people are given dentistry that is repair-oriented. In other words, the major focus of the dentist is to solve problems rather than prevent them. That "one-tooth-at-a-time" philosophy can put you in a downward cycle. The narrow vision is looking at only one dental problem at a time.

Dr. Raymond, however, believes that it is imperative to uncover the reasons why an individual is having problems so that causes can be successfully addressed the first time and problems prevented.

Past dentists have pushed me and told me what I "need" without giving me a chance to express what I want. And sometimes I am unsure of what I really want. How is your practice different?

Communication is the first step in successful cosmetic dentistry and in building trust so that you know you will get the results you want. Dr. Raymond will take time to listen and learn about your goals, your history and past dental experiences, and the values that motivate you to seek cosmetic dentistry. He is a strong believer in patient education and wants you to be actively involved in your care. The two of you will be working together to create a dental plan that fits your desires, your budget, and your desired pace. Dr. Buzz Raymond will help you sort out what it is that you truly want, and what is best for you.

Comfort or health or appearance should not be sacrificed due to dental anxiety. If you have had bad dental experiences, we can help. Please contact our office in Golden Valley, MN to schedule your comprehensive examination or your free initial consultation today. Dr. Raymond will take the time to put you at ease.

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