Choosing a Dentist

The first and most important step in seeking cosmetic dentistry is choosing the right dentist. This choice will impact the outcome of your procedures and the quality of your experience.

Personal Attention

The first thing to look for is a dentist who is interested in you. He should take all the time necessary to learn about your goals and motivation in seeking cosmetic dentistry. You should never feel rushed, and all your questions should be answered to your satisfaction.

The focus should be on what you want, not on what the dentist wants to do. You should be given options. You and your dentist should work together to plan your care, each of you learning from the other.

Training and Experience

Your dentist should have top-of-the-line training and ample experience. In addition to being a great dentist, a cosmetic dentist must also be a skilled artist very familiar with the nuances of natural teeth in order to create beautiful, natural-looking results.

Before and After Photos

Always ask to see before and after photos of actual patients. A reputable dentist will be happy to show you his work. This is both an opportunity to see the quality of work, and also a good communication tool. You can use the Before and After photos as visual examples to better communicate your goals, and your dentist can use them to show you what you can realistically expect from each procedure.

Office Environment

In addition to being confident in the dentist, you should also feel comfortable with his team. Look for an office that is both relaxed and organized. You should not experience undue delays when you come in for an appointment, nor should you feel rushed. The staff should be warm, friendly, and knowledgeable.

A Health-Centered Approach

When you seek cosmetic dentistry services you want more than just a quick visual fix. Your dental health must also be addressed. Good dental health is a part of the larger picture of overall health and without it there can be no dental beauty. For healthy and long-lasting results, your dentist must take a health-centered approach.
If you are thinking about changing your smile and live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area, please call or email us today. We are located conveniently in Golden Valley, MN.  Dr. Raymond is skilled in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. In your free initial consultation, you can find out if Dr. Raymond is the right dentist for you.

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