Our Advanced Training

The Pankey Institute, a non-profit education center for dentists, provides advanced training to teach dentists professional excellence while being extremely sensitive to each patient’s unique circumstances, objectives, and temperament. This continuing education program is based on lifelong learning for the dentist. The Pankey Institute is a world renowned center and was founded in 1969.

A Teacher and a Student

In 2013, Dr. Buzz received the distinction of being honored as a Dental Hero by his students and peers at the Pankey Institute. The nominating dentists wrote:

"Connection is the energy that exists when people feel they have been seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship" - Brené Brown

"This quote describes the special relationship that we share with Buzz as our mentor and friend. He is genuine, honest, humble, vulnerable, fully engaged and compassionate - all traits of a great teacher. Thanks to him, we are better dentists, mothers/fathers and friends." - Dr. Lee Brady, Dr. Mark Kleive, Dr. Richard Hunt, Dr. Roger Macias Jr.

Individualized Care

Each patient is an individual with needs, conditions, and desires. This unique person is a partner, helping the dentist and team understand his or her situation. Pankey dentists are taught to LISTEN to their patients and build trust by allowing ample time for answering questions and understanding patient’s goals.

Informed Treatment

Each patient should be informed about the best oral health and esthetics available to them and about treatment options that are predictable. Optimal dental work means dental work that is healthy, comfortable, beautiful, and long lasting.

Appropriate Partnership

Each patient should be helped and supported in making appropriate decisions for themselves. Each patient is a partner in understanding their own dental situation and in the planning of their dentistry.

Advanced Knowledge and Training

Dr. Buzz Raymond can treat even the most complex of dental conditions with confidence and competence. A complete and thorough examination delivered with a caring attitude leads to trust and excellent dental care. Dr. Raymond will discuss treatment options, answer your questions fully, and advise you on making appropriate choices. The dental practice of a Pankey trained dentist will reflect the highest professionalism and ethics. The goals of Dr. Raymond are to educate you about any dental problems you might have, help you maintain excellent oral health, and then help you achieve improved health, natural beauty, and a well-fitting bite. Dr. Buzz Raymond, though not a specialist, has advanced training and 30+ years of experience in treating patients with more complex conditions. He gladly will offer his knowledge, experience and compassion to those who find themselves in that compromised situation. If you are looking for a cosmetic or restorative dentist in the Minneapolis and Golden Valley area, please contact us today. We offer two separate types of dental consultations depending on your needs. Come in to experience the difference of advanced training from the Pankey Institute.

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