Despite today's fast-paced world, everyone likes to be treated as a unique and special individual. People with dental needs deserve personal attention to receive appropriate care. To this end, we reserve time in our schedule for only one patient at a time, so that each person receives, as much as possible, our undivided attention and assistance.

We Listen

Many people want a dental team who takes the time to listen, to recognize their uniqueness, and the complexity of their circumstances. Many also seek a dental team who will allow them to participate in the decision-making process. We represent this type of practice. Our goal is make sure you are “heard” and not “sold”.

Phased Treatment

We help determine the best and most appropriate treatment plan for you. We pay attention to the financial, time, and comfort of your treatment. We know at different times or under different circumstances, a person’s needs change. We often phase dental treatment over a period of time that is appropriate for your unique circumstances.

Function and Beauty

We see the big picture of your dental health. We have a deep understanding of both the artistry and science of dentistry, as both are necessary to provide excellent care. With a comprehensive examination, low dose digital X-rays, digital photographs, and models of your teeth, we can help you invest in your dentistry that will be healthy, strong, beautiful, and long lasting.


We are committed to excellence. Because we know that the quality of our care, skill and judgment is in direct proportion to the longevity of your dental work, we take extra time to make sure it is technically exquisite.

Philosophy of Working with Specialists

Dr. Buzz Raymond continually wants what is best for you. If there is a health professional (specialist) that has more knowledge or expertise for treating his patient, then he will refer you to that specialist, in order for you to receive the best and most appropriate care. We want you to have a good understanding of “why” the referral was made, “what” will be done, “how” it will be done, and “who” will do that particular procedure. When a referral is made by Dr. Buzz, he will continue to act as the coordinator and “quarterback,” to maintain his trusted patient relationship.
We invite you to read more about Dr. Raymond and Our Team. Whether you have a dental emergency, would like to schedule a comprehensive examination, or are researching cosmetic dentistry, please call or email us today. We serve patients from Minneapolis and Golden Valley, Minnesota and beyond.  We will schedule your free initial consultation so that you can get to know us and we can learn more about your goals.

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Valley Square Office Center
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